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We have been at this for a little while now.
If we had to put what it takes for these restorations into words this page would make "War And Peace" look like a short story.
Lucky enough there's movies to shorten up the story some.

A Couple Of Our More Notable Past Resurrections.

1973 19' Monza Marine

Trailer was sunk up to its axils in mud, no motor and a small tree growing out of the cockpit. We then spent the next 9 months fixing it.
One comment that seem to stick to this boat is it has a "Great Gatsby quality" to it.
We went with a 454 in this ride, Volvo 280T (with shield), hydraulic steering, etc, etc. We GPS'ed it at 56mph the first 15 minutes of it's first test drive (then the battery in the GPS died) and that was with a aluminum prop and the motor was not tuned. It didn't take long and she went off to a new home and a bright future with its new owner up north. Sad to see it go but taking it from scrap to a cherished classic is why we do it.

"I feel like a king in my classic Monza!"
"Mark did an awesome deed resurrecting the classic craft and restoring it to such an awesome pleasure."
- Scott -

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1967 SuperNova24 Race Boat

We found this beauty a number of years ago lost in the back of a local boatyard. It doesn't look like it but this is the original 1967 Nova24 race boat. Any boat that came with the name "Nova" owes it's beginning to this boat. It has so much history that leaving it sit there was not an option in our world.  So off to the shop for a full makeover.

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And we do them right.
ACBS Winner - 2012 Best Race Boat - 2016 Peoples Choice & Best Non Wood (local and national award)

This is one we plan on keeping.

Follow the link for more on the SuperNova24 Raceboat.

1972 John Allmand - SuperNova

We found this one in a boatyard in New York. A bit far for us to travel for a hull but it was a must have. After using it for almost a decade after the first restore it was time for a second and we may have gone a bit overboard on it this time but we plan on keeping it. So we did what we always wanted to do. We just wish some of the other boats we restore was in as good of shape when we started. Would make life a lot easier but if they were all this nice at the start we wouldn't be able to afford them.

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My personal favorite and has been in our family for 17 years now.

Follow the link for more on the SuperNova19

The following projects were not big enough for their own website but still big enough for their own page.

Follow the links to get the whole story and a video of the restore.

1970 Monza Marine 19

Follow the link (the picture) for in-depth restoration page with a movie and other details.

1959 Biesemeyer Wrangler - 4 Point Hydro Drag Boat

Best Race Boat

Follow the link (the picture) for in-depth restoration page with a movie and other details.

To fun to sell.

1976 Donzi 18 Classic

Follow the link (the picture) for in-depth restoration, movie and other details.


It's Not About Being Noticed, It's About Being Remembered.
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