Bringing Classic Boats Back To Life.

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1.  rising from dead or the state of having risen from the dead
2.  the revival of something old or long disused


1.  of the sea: relating to, found in, or living in the sea

2.  nautical: relating to ships or sailing


Or our version is, we find long ago forgotten, classic boats left for dead and bring them back to life.

In today’s environment new boats get bigger and bigger with everything you can imagine on them. They also have price tags and maintenance costs to match that sends the average person screaming and running away.
 Smaller, more affordable boats for the most part have lost their style. Bowriders and center consoles by the millions and they still cost a small fortune.

Resurrection Marine is thinking of a simpler time. When a cool boat was a cool boat. A time when you didn't need a second mortgage on your home to own something well built, cool, unique and fun for the whole family.
We look for and restore classics. From a time when boat builders made high quality, stylish boats. They had to due to their competition. Now there is only a handful of major manufactures left and with little or no competition means less style and more cookie cutter boats.

We take some of the best boats from the past. Make them reliable, safe, pretty and affordable and if we don't keep them for ourselves we pass them on to new homes before the boats themselves and their history is lost forever. We cant keep them all so if you do find yourself wanting one just be prepared, they tend to get attention and people like to talk about them.....a lot.

Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body,
But rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out,
shouting ....."holy sh*t.....what a ride"

It's Not About Being Noticed, It's About Being Remembered.
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