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Got to be something on here worth salvaging.

We have bought so many parts over the years that they're piling up.
There is no reason that we need three intakes for the same motor. Or look for something for a year, spend more then you should for it and use it for 5 minutes checking something and then put it on a shelf never to be touched again. The peace of mind was worth it but why keep it?
Now you see why it's time to unload and make some space.
If you need it you're not going to find it cheaper so hit us with an email and lets get to the shopping.
We must also say that pictures doesn't do must of this stuff justice. If its junk we are not going to sell it.
Be sure to refresh the page to get the latest updates.

We are located at the mid point of the east coast within Pasadena, Maryland.

Trades are considered and we can work out shipping if needed.


 Misc Boat Stuff

Glenwood Foot Throttle and Cable
bought for a project and never used.

Cal Marine Stringer Mount Foot Throttle
Not working but should be able to be rebuilt. Both ends unscrew for rebuild. 50+ years old and all there.

3 1/4 Inch Gauge Holder
For the dash of your boat or the hood of your car. If you need a place to mount a 4” gauge this is it. A quick sanding and paint job to match what ever you mount it to and you will be all set.

Blue Vector Speedometer
Blue Vector Series - The Vector Series has crisp blue and white graphics on a deep charcoal background, with black bezel speedometer has a 3 5/16" diameter dials and require a 3 13/32" cutout. Ready to go.

Teleflex Paddlewheel Two Stage Speedometer with Above Deck Aluminum Holder.
Has troll and speed settings and should polish up like new. Worked great when removed.

Stainless Steel Clam Shell Vent

Got two of them and they are brand new.

Large 4" Cowl Vents
Sits 2.75" high above mounting surface, Good condition, fits 4" hose

14" Steering Wheel
Stainless Steel Destroyer Steering Wheel Made of non-magnetic type 304 stainless steel 14" diameter, 5 spokes with wood center cap, Wheel has 22º of dish, Fits standard 3/4" tapered shaft helm.
30+ years old and looks as good as new.

12" Steering Wheel
Stainless Steel Destroyer Steering Wheel Made of non-magnetic type 304 stainless steel 12" diameter, 5 spokes with plastic center cap, Wheel has 22º of dish, Fits standard 3/4" tapered shaft helm.
30+ years old and looks as good as new.

Teleflex Rack Steering and Cable
 13 feet from the center of the steering wheel hub to the nut on the tiller end.

Rod Holder
A single in good working shape.

Rod Holder Set
A little dirty but in good shape with attached base seals and rubber caps.

Sea Dog Stainless Steel Replacement Gas Cap
New in box, 1.5 Inch - 12 NPSM Thread

Morse Duel Engine Controller
In excellent shape for it's age.

Duel Engine Throttle Controllers
They are not perfect but they do work perfect.

Single Engine, Duel Lever Controller.
Never installed.

Morse E 45145-2 Single Engine Controller
Almost perfect! The handle needs to be polished.

Morse E 45145-2 Single Engine Controller
Perfect! Please do not confuse this controller with a I/O controller.

Side Mount Controller A-70536A1
This classic controller was never installed. With all its original equipment and instructions.

Old School Side Nav Lights
In awesome shape and working order.

Perko Steamline Cabin Fixture #1295
110 Volt light fixture with plug. With cool old box

Perko 4" Straight Chock - Chrome Plated Zinc
Set of 2 new in box.

Line Chocks
Another set of 2 slightly used.

One 6" & One 4" Pop Up Cleats
Near perfect.

Ski Tow Bar
6" above deck, 17"s over all, 1-1/4 pipe. With deck trim ring.

Old School Gauge Bezels.
No issues, need paint. Five 2" and one 3-1/2"

1962-1972 MOPARV8 with standard single point ignition.

Valve Cover Oil Caps
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Some left over things.

Nicon 1 1/4" Whip Strut

Black 10X14 Inspection Hatch
Pictures dont do it justice. A little scrubbing and it should look like new.

 Misc Stuff

Edelbrock 1405 - Edelbrock Performer Carburetor
Performer Carburetor / 600 CFM / Manual Choke / Non-EGR / Satin Finish
Bought it for a project 15 years ago. Used it for a week or two and it has sat on many shelves since. After sitting that long we decided to rebuild it before sale. Should be as good as new.

Holley 600 cfm Classic 1850 - 12
Came with a running 427 Chevy motor we bought.

Generac - CARB IMPCO #CT425-13 - 58754
Carburetor off a Generac Chevy 454 generator. Worked fine when removed.

Grote 62521 Back Up lights
Have 6. Take them all.

3 Cable Pulls
Good for throttles or a choke.

Class III Hidden Hitch 87180

Came off a 2003 full size Chevy Express van but will fit many others. In perfect working order. Have the backer washers. Just needs six carriage bolts for install.

(Same as eBay Motors)

 Volvo Stuff

Complete Volvo 290 Power Steering System
Pump with Bracket (fits Chevy), Rams, Cooler and Steering Arm Pieces

Volvo 270/280 Transom Shield
A little cleaning and paint and it's ready to go in.

Volvo 290 Transom Shield.
Part # 868130 With Hydraulic Lines.
Have Rams to but They Are Not Rebuildable

Volvo Drive Shield Parts
Volvo Penta Steering Link Spindle Arm and universal linkage.
All good to go.

V-15 Prop Zinc
Brand new.

Volvo Penta Yoke
The old style Volvo Penta drive shaft yoke. Have 3 and not a thing wrong with them.
Had to go to a fine spline to match a bellhousing so it's just left over.

Volvo Penta Steering Fin with Exhaust flap
We have 2 for sale with good rubber exhaust flappers.


 MerCruiser Stuff

Volvo Small Block Chevy Thermostat Housing
Also has a brand new 140* thermostat kit in it.


SBC Thremostat housing
(Also Have Two For a BBC)

MerCruiser 7.4 Carburetor Cowl
In excellent shape.

Mercruiser / Mercury # 44349 Straight Reducers, 4" to 3"
This pair is new and in perfect condition.

Fuel Filter Mount
Off a BBC but will fit many different motors. All in good working shape.
Fits Baldwin Filter BF791

Big Block Chevy Exhaust Spacers
(6) MerCruiser 6" Riser Spacers
(2) MerCruiser 3" Riser Spacers
All is almost new.
It was all installed in the Nova 24 Race Boat in an attempt to finish the project. Due to other reasons it didn't work out but it could for you.
 The spacers that has had water through them just a couple times.

Came off a Mercruiser 888 Outdrive.
The bottom hole is partley missing but with a washer it will hold fine and the three main bolts around the exhaust port really holds it on.

Mercruiser / Mercury # 44349 Straight Reducers, 4" to 3"
This pair is new and in perfect condition.

MerCruiser Tilt Trim Motor with Reservoir & Pump SAE-J1171
An eBay buy that never got used. If you have the newer style trim pump this will replace it.

Mercruiser Model R (#1 - pre Alpha) Trim Sender


 Big Block Chevy Marine Stuff

Mercruiser Exhaust and Shift Bellows

3" Nicson Marine Down Exhaust Collectors and manifold ends (pair).

4" straight Nicson Marine exhaust collectors (pair).

JEGS Mechanical Fuel Pump
New in box. Features a chrome finish and an adjustable 360 degree housing to accommodate any and all fuel line routing configurations.

BBC Head Stud Girdles
Stud girdles will strengthen the weak link in the valve train. While under a tremendous amount of load, the flexing of the studs may cause loss of horsepower or engine failure. Stud girdles require less adjustment of valve lash and provide enhanced rigidity and strength. Requires the use of tall valve covers.
Bought these for the 454 last winter and didn't install them for some reason. Until I do they are ready to go and up for sale.
9lbs with box.

Have one each of standard and .030 sets new in box.

BBC Reverse Rotation Cam Gears

353049 BB Chevy Heads Complete

Big Block Chevy Heads,  Large Oval Ports 353049 - 1970-73 - 402/454 - 2.06 1.72 - Open 113cc
Came off a 1973 Chevy 427ci that we are stroking for the race boat. They just didn't match the original motor we are copying.

Mercruiser BBC Valve Covers
I have 4 sets of these for a BBC. That’s 4 sets more then I need  at the moment so they have to go.

Two Rochester 4M (Quadrajet)
Marine Application Carburetors
MCM/MIE 228, 230, 260, 330, 340 w/305", 350", 454"
This is professionally remanufactured to original specifications-good as new for less money!
Two in stock.

Zenith Carburetor 8175 34 Flame Arrestor
I think it is for a two barrel carb but not sure.

14" Air Cleaner for Four Barrel
No dents. Needs to be repainted.

GM 14081296 Oil Filter Relocation with Bolts and Seal

BBC Vertical Rise Tractor Pull Style Headers.
A little surface rust on them from sitting around the shop but besides that they are in perfect shape.
Spent their whole life sitting in a enclosure on a 454 generator.
Five minutes with a wire brush and a can of Hi-Temp paint  and they would be factory new.


Most are for Volvo Penta outdrives.
(Remember that all Volvo Pentas are reversible)
Each prop weighs 6 to 10 lbs each w/o box.

Volvo Penta Aluminum 14X19 Left (short shaft)
In great shape.

Volvo Penta Aluminum 15X23 Left
This prop is near perfect.
Not many of these props in this size still floating around.

Volvo Penta Aluminum 14X21 Right
This prop is also excellent shape.
Not many of these props in this size still floating around.

Volvo Penta Aluminum 14-3/8X23 Left (short shaft)
Another short shaft in great shape.

Volvo Penta Aluminum 14X16 Right (short shaft)
Another prop that I'm not sure how it became mine.
It is in pretty great shape with almost no use on it.

Volvo Penta Aluminum 14X19 Right (short shaft)
Came from a deal we did for a couple outdrives.
Was still sealed in a bag from a prop shop and looks great.

Volvo Penta Aluminum 14X19 Right (short shaft)

Also came from a deal we did for a couple outdrives.
Has a little ding but would be good as a back up.

Volvo Penta 16X26 Left, Ellison racing prop (short shaft)
Almost perfect.
Besides a polishing to make it shinny this props ready to go.

Volvo Penta 15X19 Cupped, Right, Johnson prop (short shaft)
Another great Bronze, Volvo prop.
This prop is in great shape with only some light use. Bolt up and it's ready to go.
14lb w/o box.

Michigan Wheel Rapture 163023 14-1/4X25 Left Stainless Steel Prop
Not an ad we have one new in the box. Never used. For a Volvo SX Drive.

Inboard 17X18 RH, 1-1/4 Shaft, Near Perfect
I'm using the one on the left on the race boat. Took about 15 minutes to polish it up.

Looks like the prop was reworked at some time and not used much afterward. It was originally a 18X20 (X'ed out on the hub) and then made into a 17X18. After I got most of the tarnish off the Left Hand prop you could still see the machine / polishing marks from the prop shop and no damage.

Inboard 12X13 RH, 1" Shaft
Came off the Biese. No damage but could be polished.

Inboard 13X17 L, 1" Shaft
Just back from the prop shop. Never used.

Inboard 11.5X17 L, 1" Shaft
Just back from the prop shop. Never used.


Serious inquiries only with serious offers. All will be considered.

It's Not About Being Noticed, It's About Being Remembered.
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