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Going Green
We could never understand why the classic boat market is not much stronger then it is. A fiberglass boat in our opinion is one of the last things that will be left on this planet long after we are all long gone. They were built to last in harsh environments and they are everywhere. Behind houses, hidden in barns, in the woods, not to mention all the waterways and marinas.  Even if we were to find every forgotten, hidden boat, grind them up and send them to land fills they will still be at the landfill…..forever.
The amount of resources it takes to make a new boat is off the scale. You might as well look at that new boat on the sales lot as barrels of oil sitting there. We're not knocking new boats. To each his own. There is a lot of nice stuff out there but we also think there is a lot of nice, forgotten stuff sitting everywhere.
So why not kill two birds with one stone (so to speak) and pull some of these classics out of the woods and give them a new life.
We also pride ourselves during our resurrections not to make a bigger mess of things by not being responsible with what we do. We are lucky, our county recycles plastic, wood, cardboard and metals at the curb and it's a short ride to recycle fluids like old gas and oil and if needed, bigger things like motors and such. There is no reason not to do so. If we are not recycling it at the shop for future use we are to the right people and places.
We are now averaging less then half of a standard 30 gallon trashcan of "trash" for an average size boat's rebuild. We are not tree huggers by a long shot but a small bag of trash in exchange for saving thousands of pounds of fiberglass boat in a landfill or even worse abandon somewhere, it does make us feel we are doing our part. The best part is it doesn't cost anything and is easier then doing it differently.

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